About Us

  Dasuong is stepping on
to the world stage.

We will always do our best to achieve customer satisfaction
and the highest level of quality.

  EMS Specialist

We strive to produce the highest quality products
that meet the needs of our clients.

  A leading company
in electronic automotive parts

We will take our place as the leader
in specialized electronic products and parts manufacturing.

  • Name of Company Dasuong Co. Ltd.
  • CEO Choi Moon Ho
  • Date of Establishment 'March 2, 2001
  • Address 126 Wonsi-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Our Mission Hard Work, always giving our best
    Patience, always remembering our beginnings
    GOOD RESULTS, always shared with others

A Word from Our CEO

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who cares for and loves Dasoung Co., Ltd."

Thanks to the passion and effort shown by all our staff since our foundation, we have established a partnership-based system early on from development to product launch in the field of electronics, and by maximizing synergies with our customers, have grown to become a company that fosters win-win relations with our partners. At Dasuong, we will never become overconfident, and will always strive to work with our clients until the customer complaint index falls to ZERO.

  • Realizing
    principled quality processes

  • Building trust
    through customer orientation

  • Achieving Zero-Defect production
    through sincere hard work

  • Establishing an eco-friendly
    quality system

Our pledge is to become a company that earns the trust of its clients by meeting their needs and expectations to the utmost, and to realize customer satisfaction. We wish all the best and good health to everyone who has taken an interest in our company, and we ask for your continued interest and warm support in the future.