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Dasuong Co., Ltd. is a specialized consignment manufacturing company, building products that most closely adhere to the CONCEPT that comes from the development capabilities of our client developers or MAKERS. From development to product launch in the field of electronics, we established partnership-based systems early on, and maximized synergies with our clients, enabling us to grow into a company that nurtures win-win relations with our partners. At Dasuong, we will never become overconfident, and will always strive to work with our clients until the customer complaint index falls to ZERO.

Realizing principled quality processes

Building trust through customer orientation

Achieving Zero-Defect production through sincere hard work

Establishing an eco-friendly quality system

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      Should you have any inquiries related to business partnerships and transactions, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will respond to all inquiries as promptly as possible.

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