• 2016 ~ 2023
  • 2011 ~ 2015
  • 2006 ~ 2010
  • 2001 ~ 2005
  • Signed Production contract of Wireless Communication Module with WOORINET and started mass production
  • Signed Production contract of RADAR Module with SMART RADAR SYSTEM and started mass production
  • Signed Production contract of SMART PEN with NEOLAB and started mass production
  • Signed Production contract of POS / KIOSK with OKPOS and started mass production
  • Started production of vehicle black box for Denso Corp._EMTOMEGA
  • Attained Hyundai Motor Group SQ Mark Certification
  • Signed production contract of vehicle parts with Mobase Electronic and started mass production
  • Signed production contract with Media Hills for supply to Mercedes Benz
  • Started black box production for Mercedes Benz Japan_ Media Hills
  • Received plaque of appreciation for production and sale of 1 million single-model EMTOMEGA black boxes
  • Started vehicle DTV production for Maserati Japan_MobiDic
  • Acquired land/building for 2nd factory (1,660㎡/500 pyeong of land)
  • Started black box production for Subaru Japan_EMTOMEGA
  • Started black box production for company C_EMTOMEGA
  • Signed production contract for beauty device (cleanser) for Amway Japan
    (From 2018 ~ present)_Doctors Tech
  • Started black box production for Hyundai MOBIS_ Mobile Appliance
  • MAIN-BIZ certified by Small & Medium Business Administration
  • Started production of Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset for Harley-Davidson USA
    _SENA Technologies
  • Started black box ACE2 production for BMW Germany_Mobile Appliance
  • Acquired patent (Korean Intellectual Property Office)_Real-time contents capture and playback methods for ultra-high-definition video
  • Signed production contract for plasma skin care device with PLABIO (2016 ~ present)
  • Signed production contract for Navigation with MobiDic (2016 ~ present)_Mando brand
  • Signed production contract for LED parts with OPTIUM (2016 ~ 2018)_Seoul Semiconductor
  • Selected as 'Good Workplace' by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
  • Attained CU_EAK Russian quality safety certification (black box)
  • Attained CCC Chinese quality safety certification (black box)